July 2019

As it’s now a month since I collected the Nuc I thought I’d give you a quick update.

The hive is very strong with numbers increasing quickly. They are also the calmest bees I’ve known - some of my father’s bees required a full bee suit any time you were within 30 feet of the hives but by contrast this lot appear happy to be handled and so far I’ve not had to bother with gloves and I suspect I could inspect them without a veil (but will not try that this year!)

Today’s inspection revealed they are foraging well and laying down a lot of honey, so much so that I took the decision today to add an extra brood box, queen excluder and honey super to give them a bit more room.



August 2019

Just a quick message to say that I’m extremely pleased with my bees.  I've just done an inspection this afternoon and I'm pleased to see several more frames drawn, I spotted the queen and eggs, I'm still feeding 1:1 sugar syrup but they do seem to be foraging well. I've got a second hive on order and I wonder if there's any chance of an additional nuc in a couple of weeks?!



May 2020

A quick note to say the bees have settled in and within an hour were bringing in pollen. They are lovely bees, thank you.



June 2020

Collected mine from you last Friday 🙂  Great bees by the way