How do I know I am getting healthy bees?

All colonies of bees will come with a record of treatments applied in the 12 months prior to sale and have been thoroughly inspected to DASH standards to ensure that they are free of disease before they are released for sale.

What will I get in my colony?

All colonies of bees come with both nurse and worker bees plus a marked, laying queen.  If you choose a box with frames these will have fresh drawn comb with a mixture of eggs, larvae, capped brood, pollen and stores.

What are the delivery options?

All colonies of bees must be collected in person.  Queens can be collected or posted out.

Can I choose a collection/delivery date when I place my order?

Availability will vary throughout the season due to both the level of demand and the weather which affects both colony growth and the mating of queens.  The online order system will show you if stock is available immediately or allow you to place a pre-order.  Available queens will be dispatched the following working day and for colony orders, we will respond within 24 hours to arrange a date for collection.  If we are out of stock and you place a pre-order, we will respond within 24 hours to inform you of an estimated date that your order will be available and then contact you again when your order is ready for collection/dispatch and payment will be requested at that point.

What happens on arrival to collect my bees?

Please bring your freshly washed bee suit to be ready to inspect your bees. 

We will open the colony for you to see your queen, bees and frames to ensure that you are happy with the quality of your purchase. Your chosen number of frames will be transferred into a new poly-nuc or transport box under your supervision once you are satisfied with the quality of your bees and frames.

Your bees will be secured by us before you take them but please take care of them on the journey so that they do not overheat/escape inside the vehicle.

Do you clip queens’ wings?

No, we don’t, you can chose to do this once you have introduced her to your hive.

Do you collect swarms?

No, I’m sorry but we do not collect swarms as we don’t want potentially unhealthy bees introduced into our apiaries alongside our bees for sale. 

We recommend that you look on the British Beekeepers' Website where you can input your postcode for swarm collectors in your area. https://www.bbka.org.uk/help/do_you_have_a_swarm.php