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Now that’s more like it!!

08/05/2018  What a difference a week makes - Finally we have some fields of abundant bright yellow oilseed rape for the bees to feed on.  It is helping their population to increase as they finally come fully out of their slow winter mode and get busy!


A very green and pleasant land!

30/04/2018  Some people describe Yorkshire as God's Country - I don't know about that but it is very beautiful and it would take a lot to persuade me to move but.....

Normally at this time we have a wonderful green and yellow patchwork but there is so little yellow this year in comparison to the last few springs.


Overwintered colonies all reserved

22/04/2018  As of today all of our overwintered colonies have now been reserved.

If you still want bees this year we will be able to provide you with some when the numbers have replenished.

Please still use the pre-order form from the shop and we will update you as soon as we know when the next wave of colonies will be available for release.


First Spring Inspections

15/04/2018  We now have tentative dates of April 28 & 29 for releasing the first wave of colonies to those who have placed pre-orders.  If you are wanting your bees in the next few weeks, please order soon while there are still a few available.  You do not have anyting to pay until you are offered your date for collection.


Oil seed rape in flower

09/04/2018  We have been watching the oil seed rape fields over the last couple of weeks and the greenery has been sprouting prolifically but today we spotted the first bloom!  The bright yellow oil seed rape flowers are a symbol of spring to many people but especially to beekeepers....