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Yorkshire Day 2021

01/08/2021  Happy Yorkshire Day!

We've had a wonderful afternoon out in the apiary today enjoying the beautiful East Yorkshire countryside and feeling very lucky that we live where do. 


What is going on?

12/04/2021  What is going on?!

Our orders for bees this year have gone crazy so we have had to remove all colonies from the shop for now to prevent any more being requested.


Anticipating Spring!

15/02/2021  Looking forward to the spring dandelions and the bees starting to get out to forage again rather than relying on their remaining winter stores.

All of our spring colonies are reserved but there will still be some available for release later in the season.


2021 Pre-orders

26/01/2021  This was the aerial topper on the top of our truck this morning...

Safe to say the bees themselves will be tucked up and not flying in these temperatures!

All colonies for release in spring 2021 are now reserved


Starting 2020 colony releases

11/05/2020  It has been a very uncertain few weeks for everybody and we have not been sure about how or when we might be able to release our colonies for sale but the plan is now in place...