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ATTENTION - 2021 Pre-Orders

10/08/2020  We have experienced some major computer issues over the last few weeks and therefore ask, that if you have placed a pre-order with us for spring 2021, that you please get in touch to check your order details.

This is really important to ensure that you have your colony saved on our order list - also if you originally had your order down for this year but chose to postpone collection due to Covid-19.


2020 Colonies now all reserved

16/05/2020  As of today all our colonies for 2020 have been reserved.

There has been a sudden flurry of orders in the last week, we presume as the lockdown restrictions are lifting.  This means that unless we have cancellations we do not have any more colonies available for this year.



Starting 2020 colony releases

11/05/2020  It has been a very uncertain few weeks for everybody and we have not been sure about how or when we might be able to release our colonies for sale but the plan is now in place...


Blue queens for 2020

01/01/2020  Blue is the colour for 2020 Queens - and here's one we prepared earlier!


Frame building season!

01/12/2019  It's that time of year again when we start the indoor jobs preparing for spring.