We love being beekeepers - but it wouldn’t be such a pleasure without such lovely behaved bees to look after.  We have bred our bees over many years and find them beautifully calm to handle and they create a great brood pattern.  

We love our work - there is nothing nicer than doing weekly colony inspections in the Yorkshire sunshine and simply watching the bees at work.  After all they don’t need us, they are quite capable of building in numbers and bringing in the pollen and nectar and making honey without us, we just help them divide into new nucleus hives and prevent them from swarming as we really don’t want to lose them!

The Bee Inspector visited all of our apiaries to inspect all colonies in August 2017 in preparation for making colonies available for sale in Spring 2018 and he was very impressed.  There was no evidence of disease at all and, based on what he saw, he said ‘If you’re going to be selling these bees and queens, you’re going to have some very happy beekeepers!’ – what more can you ask for?!

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